Thursday, 22 February 2007

The new Gringos of Africa

Thank you Mzee Bubu for your patriotism to the Deaf Kenyans; for this, you should be commended on your patriotic views on pertinent issues facing Deaf Kenyans and other disabled and their organizations.

We, by we I mean Supporter of KNAD, Kenyan Deaf social thinkers, honest Deaf right crusaders, all of us support your views in exposing corrupt individuals especially those who have nothing to offer the overage Deaf Kenyans but find it attractive and advantageous in colluding with few unpatriotic Deaf Kenyans to exploit the needs of their fellow honest Kenyan Deafie.

We understand why those elements are present in our midst, they associate with us, they are our friends, our brothers and sisters, and interpreters and all the so called friends of the Deaf community but they are a dishonest lots pursuing shortcut to income and wealth.

Honesty and virtues are not in their vocabulary they know only exploitations, extortions, corruptions, cunning and scheming programs to exploit Deaf Kenyans because they think we, the Deaf, are kinda soft targets.

Most of the times they are not Deaf Kenyans, they are the foreigners: the U.S American Gringos of Kenya, trailer parks white trash, lynchers of black civil right movements – the blood of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Emitt Till, and many others are on their hands, they are the grandkids of grand wizard of the order of KKK of Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia, and the crooked West African. They are in Kenya with substandard degree (2.5 GPA). GDC is now imposing Joel on deaf Kenya; Mzee Bubu has a right to say NO WAY; tell Deaf Kenyans to do the same, SAY NO!! We don’t need you in Kenya, but welcome as tourist. There are many tourist attractions and spots for you but heading a NGO in Kenya, OH, NOOOO! Just give us a break.

For the American Gringos of Kenya, You say you are smart, and tough but some simple and frail ladies like the illiterate black slave named Harriet Tubman outsmarted your forebears and seamstress Rosa Park said, well softie white kids, you can kiss my ass I am not giving ya my seat. What can you do for Kenya that Deaf Kenyans haven’t done yet? Nothing. You are only duplicating obsolete projects. You are all USPCV Alumnus, show use you accomplishments and academic or scholarly papers which you claim you are capable of or have published.

Well, if you can’t be hired at Wal-Mart or Goodwill Industries then what can you offer Deaf Kenyans apart from spewing kids on all your trails in Africa and the Caribbean.

Joel Runnels, ramours have it that you have Creole kids in Uganda and now Kenya did you bother to register them with USA Embassies as Americans? I bet you didn’t cuz child services would be after your pink ass for child support. Mzee Bubu please, investigate and tell us how many kids have Joel spewed in Uganda and Kenya and let the world KNOW.

The crooks and their Kenyan cohorts should realize that they have mistaken Mzee Bubu’s resolve, hitting them hard, hard where it hurt the most by exposing their evil misdeed. Go Mzee Bubu! Go after their fat asses oozing with ill gotten wealth. Put a cork in their assholes.

Kenyan Deafie.

The Alternate Voice Supporting KNAD